If you need to have a good haircut or a manicure – you only need to ask real professionals, as only they are able to keep men and women handsome and beautiful. They are also good at showing your best individuality and personality.
Throughout history these true beauty secrets have only been a virtue of the chosen ones among masters. Upon coming to our beauty salon you will quickly learn that our masters are top-level professionals.
Our salon has everything to take a complex and effective care of the most fragile and at the same time most evident sides of your attractiveness.
Collarium 3 in 1, collagenarium, solarium and collarium in one cabin.
Collarium: Gentle and soft tan. Healthy skin with beautiful, even and chocolate tan. This cabin combines beauty and healthy lifestyle in one cabin.
Collagenarium: Non-invasive hardware cosmetology aimed to skin resurfacing allows to restore the collagen synthesis.
Solarium: This is a well known procedure of getting an artificial sun tan under ultraviolet lamps.
Do you feel that you need some internal and external vitalization? It’s high time to visit our beauty salon as you can get the following services there:
— get a pretty haircut;
— get a good manicure and pedicure;
— get different types of massage.
A good image is the best publicity. SPA hotel beauty salon masters truly understand this issue. That’s why they’ll do their best to satisfy your requirements in order to make you tell all about your emotions to your friends and relatives with pride and inspiration.
Our expert Maya Bocharova is able to show you a unique massage and SPA technology
— non-invasive face massage technique using Korean cosmetics “Skidom”.
The procedure includes make-up removal, crème face massage, serum according to skin type, alginate mask.
Procedure duration — 1 hour.
Price — 3000 rubles.,
Course (5 times and more) — 2500 rubles .
Each client is treated independently.
Duration starting from 30 minutes.
Price — 1500 rubles.
Duration -1 hour.
Price — 2500 rubles.
Duration — 1 hour
Price — 2500 rubles.
Exclusive method
Duration — 1 hour
Price — 3000 rubles.
Based on an individual approach to every client.
Duration — 1 hour
Price — 2500 rubles.
Contact number.- 8-916-188-53-08 Maya

Epilation services:
One zone on the face — 250 руб.
Hand to elbow — 500 руб.
Hands full — 700 руб.
Armpits -300 руб.
Classical bikini — 700 руб.
Deep bikini — 1300 руб.
Legs to knees — 800 руб.
Hips — 800 руб.
Legs full — 1200 руб.
Back/Belly — 550 руб.
Waist — 350 руб.
Buttock — 350 руб.
Contact number 8-903-206-26-67 Elena

Swimming pool

ГОСТИНИЧНО-ДЕЛОВОЙ КОМПЛЕКС ПАРХАЕВ is an ideal place for relaxation! Here you can find everything to have great fun with your friends and relatives and relax together.

Visitors will be offered:

— large dressing rooms with sauna;
— sauna;
— massage rooms;
— SPA procedures.  If you are tired of your working days and problems, come to Ashukino, swim in the swimming pool and forget about your problems

Fitness club and gym

Cozy atmosphere of the fitness club will help you to enjoy your exercises.

Visitors will be offered:
— a hall for group programs;
— machines;
— cafe;
— billiards — 400 rubles per hour

Upon coming to our center you get to the world of positive fitness and weight training.